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Project Description
The Windows Monitoring Agent is both a framework and an implementation of a monitoring agent that can be used on a Windows machine. It is built using the Provider design pattern to enable flexiblity in what's monitored, where the data goes and extensions.

The monitoring agent was built originally for use with Panopta's monitoring service. However, other monitoring destinations could be created to meet your needs. Currently, we make use of another CodePlex project Devv.Core.Crypto ( for encrypting data sent to Panopta.

In it's present state, the agent has only one destination for the data and one monitor hook (WMI). The Panopta monitoring destination is included this with this project, but you must sign up for Panopta service to use it. We will be releasing a monitoring destination that uses CSV files on the server file system shortly. The monitoring hook is for standard Windows elements like CPU utilization, free disk space and service availability. We will also release a SharePoint monitoring within the next 90 days.

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